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Which Dryer Should You Buy in 2021

Which Dryer Should You Buy in 2021

Dryer Types

How much space do you have? 

Dryers can be full-sized or compact.

Choose which type you need based on your available space.

Electric dryers are the big sellers, and Consumer Reports’ decades of testing have revealed that electric and gas dryers perform similarly. We wil only be looking at electric dryers as they are most popular and are easier to install.

What size Dryer? 

Some dryers are designed so that they can be paired with a matching washer, and usually the dryer can be stacked atop the washer to save space.

Most full-sized machines come with a one-year factory warranty on parts and labor. Compact Dryer

Dryers measures 60-70 cm wide, but height and depth can vary. This is one of the most important things to consider. Especially if you live in a tight space like an apartment. 


Size Up Your Space

Most full-sized dryers are 70cm. Measure the space you have to work with and allow at least 6 inches behind the dryer for venting. Measure the doors into your home and laundry and any other possible tight spaces you may have to maneuver through. Note the machine’s height and control location if it will be under a counter.

Finally if a quiet machine matters to you, consider buying a model that ha a an excellent noise rating. You’ll know it’s working, but it shouldn’t disturb you.

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