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Fisher & Paykel 8.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine

SKU: WA8560G1
Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washing Machine 8.5 kg - Brisbane Home Appliances

Fisher & Paykel 8.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine

SKU: WA8560G1
Regular price $1,100.00 Sale price $898.00

With room for large loads, this top loader runs on SmartDrive™ technology for a quieter, quicker wash.


Fast cycle times allow you to wash a full 8.5kg load in as little as 59 minutes.


This machine has a cycle to suit every type of load including Delicate, Allergy and Wool. Select a cycle with easy-to-use SmartTouch™ controls.


The robust lid has a soft close mechanism that makes it family safe, avoids slamming and allows for hands-free operation.


The flexible finned agitator ensures less tangling for superior clothes care.

  • Factory second (Cosmetic Imperfection)


  • Model: WA8560G1
  • Capacity: 8.5 KG
  • Height (mm): 1075 mm
  • Width (mm): 600 mm
  • Depth (mm): 600 mm
  • Spin Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Number Of Programs: 6
  • 2.5 Stars Energy Rating
  • 3.5 Stars Water Rating
  • Six wash cycles including Allergy, Wool, Delicate and a 30 minute Quick cycle to cater to busy lives
  • Includes extra wash feature Soak, for helping to clean tough stains
  • Soft-close lid avoids slamming and allows for hands-free operation
  • Fast 1000RPM spin speed to remove more water for quicker drying

    Please contact store for condition and availability before purchase.

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    What a wonderful experience! First time washing machine buyer who knew NOTHING about them. They took the time to walk me through what made a machine good and which would be best for me. On top of that, they showed me how to install it which saved me a few hundred dollars off of a plumber! Absolutely recommend! Not to mention the low prices (compared to other places). Thank you for not pushing a sale and honesty helping me get what I needed.

    Evelyn Colbeck

    Delivery was perfect and we have gotten more service after buying, thank you so much for your warranty, I didn't see appliance stores like that with best services, I buy you again and again if i wanna again


    Man! These guys were so good! Very friendly service. Got a second hand fridge from these guys and it had an issue after 5 months and they came straight away to look at it and replaced it with a better one very quickly even though it was a couple months out of warranty. These guys are the best!

    Timothy Parry
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